TOP 10 Accounting Service In Vietnam

accounting service in vietnam 2023 February

What are the accounting and bookkeeping standards in Vietnam?

Vietnam employs a unified set of accounting and bookkeeping standards that guide how expenses and revenues of companies operating within its borders must be recorded.

What is the accounting currency of a Vietnamese company?

Use Vietnamese Dong (VND) as the accounting currency, but foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) are allowed to select a foreign currency as their accounting currency; Include numerous reports specified by VAS regulations, printed on a monthly basis and signed by the General Director and affixed with the company seal.

What is VAT in Vietnam and how can acclime help?

The concept of VAT in Vietnam revolves around the tax Invoice (commonly referred to as a red invoice), and Acclime will assist you with meeting the input and output compliance obligations for VAT, along with the monthly/quarterly lodgments, refund claims for investors, and annual requirements. What is included?

How to choose the right monetary unit in Vietnam?

Any business operating in Vietnam, whether foreign-invested or local, which mainly conduct transactions (including sales, purchase, and provision of goods and services) with foreign currencies are permitted to choose a monetary unit in accounting and must notify relevant tax authorities of their choice.






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