TOP 10 Agile Procurement Pdf

agile procurement pdf 2023 June

What do you think about agile procurement?

Agility is well known, there are even agile contracts to manage agile cooperations. However, the way how we get there today (RfI > RfP > LoI) can’t really handle the complexity in an appropriate way. Furthermore it’s not agile nor lean unfortunately. Lean-Agile Procurement is a new, exciting simple approach for procurement, that makes fun.

Who should consider lean-agile procurement?

Any executives, procurement managers at customer or vendor side, that are interested in a new option for procurement. If your organisation is already agile or in transition to lean-agile procurement is a perfect tool to include your agile delivery organisation from the beginning.

Why pivot from prescriptive procurement to agile procurement?

By pivoting away from prescriptive procurement and toward the flexibility of agile procurement, your team will be able to generate real value for all your stakeholders.

What is agile project management?

The Agile Alliance maintains a comprehensive glossary to provide complete context, but for those seeking to understand and implement agile processes, a few of the most important terms to know include: Agile Project Management: At their heart, agile processes are iterative, collaborative, and contextually reactive.






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