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albania company registry 2023 June

How to register a company in Albania?

The company registration in Albania is performed by submitting an application along with other requested documents at the NRC’s office in Tirana or any other official office located in the country.

Does Albania accept apostille certificate for Albania company registry search documents?

Yes Albania agreed to the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. Therefore, Albania accepts the Apostille Certificate for Albania Company Registry Search Documents in place of any further legalisation process. Albania signed up to the Hague Convention on 9th May 2004.

How to verify Albanian VAT IDs on vies?

Even though Albania is a candidate to join the EU, data on com­pa­nies from Albania is not avail­able on VIES. Use to verify Albanian VAT IDs and schedule daily monitoring, or: Verify now! When a change with a particular com­pany is noted, a notification with registered changes will be sent to you.

How does the law regarding NCR help foreign investors in Albania?

The law regarding NCR adapts perfectly to the EU legislation, making it easily accessible to foreign investors. All these procedures improve and simplify the entry of new investors in the Albanian market. How can a company register at the National Registration Center?






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