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anderberg windows 2023 June

Is the Anderberg Wille a versatile instrument?

Not that this isn’t a highly versatile instrument, as I quickly discovered. The Anderberg Wille, named after his grandfather, is a 5-piece laminated neck-thru design, with mahogany neck and body. The top is hand-carved poplar with black lacquer finish and painted binding-style detail.

Does Anderberg make larger sizes of the aluminum hinges?

A.W. Anderberg no longer makes the larger sizes of the Aluminum Hinges due to the brittle nature of aluminum. Sold Individually, these hinges are non-handed. We recommend that you change both hinges when replacing.

What happened to Jay Anderberg?

Jay Anderberg, of Miller, passed away Friday, May 6, 2022, at the Avera Hand County Memorial Hospital in Miller. A long-time businessman, owner of Miller Livestock Sales Company for 33 years, paid his final entry fee to all the rodeos in the sky.

Why choose Andersen Windows and doors?

We test, retest, and test again, so your windows and doors work every day, day after day. Homeowners, contractors, builders and architects agree Andersen products rate #1 in quality. 3 Where: The entrance of your home, of course! Fun Fact: It can swing in or out, either way you’ll get outside!






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