TOP 10 Anguilla Captive Insurance

anguilla captive insurance 2023 June

What is a captive insurer?

A "captive insurer" is generally defined as an insurance company that is wholly owned and controlled by its insureds; its primary purpose is to insure the risks of its owners, and its insureds benefit from the captive insurer’s underwriting profits. These points do not clearly distinguish the captive insurer from a mutual insurance company.

What is an Anguilla limited liability company (LLC)?

The jurisdiction offers several offshore company structures, the most popular of which are the Anguilla Limited Liability Company (LLC) and the Anguilla International Business Company (IBC) . Both provide confidentiality, security and anonymity services to its clients through a highly flexible corporate structure.

What does the Anguilla Insurance Commission do?

It is the duty of the Commission to maintain a general review of insurance practice in Anguilla and to oversee the conduct of persons so licensed. Application forms and fees and other regulatory matters are to be found in the Insurance Regulations, Insurance (Amendment) Regulations, 2014 and published guidance notes.

What is a AIG captive?

Agency Captive: A captive managed by a specific agent, who is empowered to reinsure the company by contracting with traditional carriers based on their assessments How is Captive Insurance Different from Commercial Insurance?






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