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What is the ARV of a PRC property in Bermuda?

Note: Every residence in Bermuda is assigned an ‘ARV’ for the purpose of calculating annual land tax. The ARV is not the land tax, nor is it necessarily reflective of the annual value a given home might expect to achieve on the rental market. PRC holders are a special category of Non-Bermudians.

What is the ARV threshold in Bermuda for expats?

Perhaps the most significant change for the average expat heading out to Bermuda, was the effective removal of the ARV threshold for PRC holders. Previously, PRC holders could only purchase freehold houses with an Annual Rental Value (ARV) at or above $63,600.

How to apply for relief from land tax in Bermuda?

Download an application form or pick one up from the Office of the Tax Commissioner to apply for relief from Land Tax. You can pay your Land Tax and Payroll Tax bills online, in person with cash or cheques, by mail (cheque only), and through your bank. Read more about on how to make payments to the Government of Bermuda.

How do I Find my ARV on my land tax bill?

It is proposed that the Land Tax on Commercial Properties in an Economic Empowerment Zone remains at 7% You can find your specific ARV on the Land Valuation website. To identify your property you will need to enter either: Your Land Tax bill is mailed to you before the due date.






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