TOP 10 Australian Resident Director Services

australian resident director services 2023 June

Do I need an Australian resident director for my Australian company?

By Australian law every Company operating in Australia must have an Australian Resident registered as a Director. For most Australian businesses, this is not an issue as the owners / Directors already reside in Australia.

Who are our resident director services?

Our Resident Director Services are led by Tony Kearney, who has over 30 years’ experience in senior finance & management roles – working with businesses of all sizes across a range of industries.

Can a company appoint its own resident director?

Yes. Companies have the option to choose between using an external Australian provider of Resident Director services, or appointing their own locally resident staff member. It is important to note that this appointment imposes certain duties, risks, and obligations onto that individual.

Can Healy Consultants help me find an Australia resident director?

In the event our Client is unable to identity an Australia resident director, Healy Consultants will be happy to provide nominee resident director services to meet this requirement; Healy Consultants will provide a professional nominee to act as resident director for an Australia company of any Client who requires this service.






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