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What is a branch office in China for foreign investors?

A branch office in China usually has three levels of meaning for a foreign entrepreneur: a branch office of an overseas company, a representative office in China, a branch office of a company in China. It is vital for a foreign investor to understand from a legal perspective the differences in between.

What is the process of opening a branch office in China?

Once the business license is issued, the branch is deemed to be duly established under Chinese laws and technically allowed to operate within its business scope. After obtaining the business license, the branch office still needs to go through the following formalities:

How to contact bank of China domestic branches?

Bank of China Domestic Branches. #N#HEAD OFFICE. 1 FUXINGMEN NEI DAJIE, BEIJING, CHINA. SWIFT: BKCHCNBJ. TEL: (86) 010-66596688. FAX: (86) 010-66016871. POST CODE: 100818.

Does a branch office need a business license in China?

Although, in accordance with Article 48 of the “Civil Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China”, a branch office shall apply for a business license. A branch office is established by a company in accordance with the law; A branch office does not independently possess any property.






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