TOP 10 Brazilian Products Distributors In Usa

brazilian products distributors in usa 2023 June

What is the “Brazilian wholesale companies”?

The “Brazilian Wholesale Companies” section of the regional directory lists wholesalers that are based in the South American country of Brazil (Federative Republic of Brazil or República Federativa do Brasil). If you are a business based in Brazil you can have your wholesale company listed in this category by visiting our Website Submissions page.

What products are made in Brazil?

Brasil cosmetics company offering a range of hair products that include shampoo, hair coloring, dyes, conditioner, and more exported from Brazil. Granite tables, vanity tops, hearths, and fireplace mantels made in Brazil.

Why are we bringing the best natural products from Brazil?

We are bringing the best natural products from Brazil directly to Canadians’ tables. We wish to see the whole world eating better and that is why we are here! However, everyone likes a treat sometimes, thus like every human being, our company also has space in our portfolio for some tasty Brazilian treats.

Do you export from Brazil or import the United States?

Our Company does not Export from Brazil or Import the United States, any product that is considered illegal or dangerous. We do not work with Firearms, Alcohol or products that require special permits from the Brazilian and US governments






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