TOP 10 Croatian Citizenship By Investment

croatian citizenship by investment 2023 June

Can foreigners invest in Croatia and get citizenship?

This means that foreigners can set up companies or invest in existing ones, create jobs, and live at least 8 years in Croatia without interruptions to gain citizenship. Compared to other countries, Croatia imposes relatively low investment options to join the citizenship program.

How do you become a citizen of Croatia by descent?

Croatian Citizenship by Ancestry Citizenship in Croatia is mostly governed by the principle of jus sanguinis (right of blood), which means that it’s the citizenship of the people you’re born to that determines what your own citizenship will be.

Can you have dual citizenship in Croatia?

Dual citizenship. Croatia allows its citizens to hold foreign citizenship in addition to their Croatian citizenship. Under Article 8 of the Law on Croatian Citizenship, naturalisation into Croatian citizenship requires renunciation of the other country’s citizenship, where allowed by the other country.

Is Croatia the most generous citizenship in the world?

Yet at the same time, Croatia has one of the most generous citizenship by ancestry laws, inviting members of the Croatian diaspora abroad to come back home, or at least to forge stronger ties with their ancestral motherland.






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