TOP 10 Due Diligence Companies In Singapore

due diligence companies in singapore 2023 June

What is company due diligence in Singapore for foreign investors?

Foreign investors doing business in Singapore use due diligence procedures on the companies they are about to conclude different transactions with. Company due diligence implies the process of evaluating a business from various points of view.

What is due diligence when buying a company?

The words “due diligence” are surely familiar to anyone who may be keen to undertake a sale or purchase of a company. The process of due diligence is an extensive investigation process that provides a purchaser or investor with an opportunity to obtain as much information as possible about the business of a company he wishes to acquire.

What is our law firm in Singapore specialized in?

Our law firm in Singapore is specialized on various fields that are of interest in a due diligence procedure (taxes and financial aspects). The aspects that should be verified at a sale of a company are more complex than those concerning the sale of real estate property .

What is the process of buying a business in Singapore?

The general outline of the process of buying a business in Singapore is as follows: Entering into a Memorandum of Understanding or Term Sheet to set out the key terms of the transaction Please take note that the timing of the due diligence may differ from transaction to transaction.






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