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e-invoicing chile 2023 June

What is the Chile eInvoice?

Below I cover the basics of the Chile eInvoice. Chile was one of the first movers in electronic invoicing and they have one of the more complex environments. The model is unique but does take into account some similar processes from other Latin America countries.

How will Chile’s new VAT electronic invoice regime work?

Instead, the tax authorities will rely on DTE (see below) to complete their electronic sales and purchase ledgers for taxpayers. Chile’s Servicio de Impuestos (SII) tax authority introduced its VAT electronic invoice regime in 2001, and mandated it for most taxpayers from March 2018.

How is electronic invoicing implemented in Brazil?

In Brazil, the requirement for electronic invoicing is being strictly implemented. The Brazilian tax authority SEFAZ (Secretaria da Fazenda) makes electronic invoicing in different formats mandatory for all taxpayers and issuers of tax documents.

What are DTE invoices in Chile?

They are termed Electronic Tax Documents (DTE) locally. Companies must first register with the Chilean tax authorities, Servicio de Impuestos (SII), to issue DTE invoices. If successful, they will be a given a CAF (Folio Authorization Code) digital signature for stamping DTE invoices with.






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