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e-invoicing russia 2023 June

What is the new e-invoicing system in Russia?

Russia introduces a new e-invoicing system for traceability of certain goods on 1 July 2021. Federal Law No. 371-FZ will amend the Russian Tax Code to introduce the new procedure for the traceability system, which will bring the introduction of mandatory e-invoicing for taxpayers dealing with traceable goods.

How to create an EDI invoice in Russia?

Companies must use the services of an authorized EDI provider and must obtain a certificate issued by a Russian certification authority. The Russian electronic invoice must be generated from a structured XML file with tags in Russian and regulated by the tax authority.

What is e-invoicing in Serbia?

The Serbian Ministry of Finance defines E-invoicing as "an invoice in electronic format containing all the information required by law, which is signed with a qualified electronic signature and/or delivered through a secure electronic channel." The following are the main characteristics of e-invoices in Serbia:

Which countries have the highest number of electronic invoices?

The newest requirements for e-invoicing: Brazil is the country with the highest number of electronic invoices worldwide. The tax system and e-invoicing model, while among the most complex in the world, is widely consolidated and widespread. E-invoicing is mandatory, but there are different invoice regulations within the country.






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