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governance expert witness 2023 June

What is the role of an expert witness?

Expert witnesses are appointed ‘to assist the court on matters which are outside the knowledge and experience of the court’ and that are ‘within the healthcare professional’s field of expertise’. If you are a new expert witness, you will find insight into the role and the context of expert witness work in the guidance.

What are the ASLO rules on expert witnesses?

Although ASLO has no specific rules regarding expert witnesses, the ASLO Code of Professional Conduct (ASLO 1994) states that members have the responsibility to "accurately represent expertise and identify as such factual knowledge and interpretation (s) based on that knowledge."

How will the court manage the expert evidence in a case?

CrimPR 19.6 sets out how the court will seek to manage the expert evidence in a case through joint prosecution and defence expert reports and Case Conferences between experts for each party.

Do prosecutors have sight of witness reports?

Although these provisions relate to co-defendants, prosecutors will have sight of reports and should be alive, particularly in multi-handed cases, to the dangers of confusing the jury with large amounts of expert evidence, often covering the same points.






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