TOP 10 Internal Audit Benchmarking

internal audit benchmarking 2023 June

What is benchmarking and why is it important for internal audit?

Done correctly, benchmarking is a powerful tool that provides access to comprehensive comparative data, which enables internal audit leaders to better understand, manage and develop their departments.

What is the audit intelligence suite – Benchmarking Report?

The Audit Intelligence Suite – Benchmarking Report (formerly Global Audit Information Network® [GAIN] Benchmarking Tool) allows you to easily benchmark your internal audit department, affordably, and transparently.

What is benchmarking in profilertm?

Benchmarking is performed only by experienced PwC professionals Content is controlled by Knowledge Managers experienced in assessing internal audit departments ProfilerTM follows the PwC Internal Audit Framework and enables us to evaluate and benchmark your internal audit practices in five core internal audit processes:

What are the Gartner audit benchmarks?

Gartner audit benchmarks cover budget and head count, functional maturity and focus, stakeholder relationships and process-specific effectiveness.






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