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What is the meaning of IRO in business?

Definition. IRO. In Receipt Of. IRO. International Relations Office. IRO. Independent Review Organization (insurance industry) IRO. International Ragnarok Online (gaming)

What if I don’t have an account with Iro US?

Don’t have an account? The IRO US website is under ongoing development and is currently being brought up to ADA WCAG standards. If you need assistance navigating or purchasing on, please call our customer service line for direct aid: (212) 575-7841

Why stay at Iro hotel?

Aegean colors, comfort, cleanliness! Iro Hotel has two types of rooms: Double Rooms and Triple Rooms, which can accommodate two or three people respectively. Gourmet surprises at the Buffet Restaurant, cool cocktails and snacks at the Pool Bar, 24-hour entertainment at the Main Bar: quality amenities enhance your holiday at Iro Hotel.

Who is Iro AB?

IRO (Sweden): Iro AB was founded in 1958 and has since then been active in yarn feeding business. First European Textile Machinery Roadshow in COLOMBIA MANAMA: The IRO (Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil & Gas Industry) visited Bapco, Noga, Tatweer Petroleum, APM Terminals and the Economic Development Board (EDB) as part of a trade mission.






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