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kbs accounting firm 2023 June

Why KB Accounting Services Limited?

KB Accounting Services Limited is a tax and accounting services firm aimed at providing reliable, efficient and flexible bookkeeping, accounting, tax and accounting package services in Malawi. Our services are personalised to your needs which enhances you focusing on core business activities essential for the growth of your businesses.

Who is KBS?

Founded in 1992 by Charles J. Schreiber and Peter Bren, the KBS team is comprised of real estate professionals with extensive hands-on real estate experience. KBS forms its first pension fund investment vehicle for an institutional investor. KBS becomes a Registered Investment Advisor.

Why choose KBS financial?

Whether you’re a small business or a complex healthcare organization, KBS offers the financial acumen you need to maximize your profitability. We understand your business environment and how to plan for success—just like New Englanders prepare for the challenges of our four seasons.

How does KBS corporate monitor private equity?

Monitoring and analysing the activity of some of the world’s leading professional investors and their portfolios allows KBS Corporate to determine which Private Equity firms have experience and knowledge within its clients’ sectors. The BME provides the Research Analysts with historical acquisitions data from acquirers across the globe.






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