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kpm 2 monitor 2023 June

What is the KPM I electronic seed Monitor package?

2 6/05 The KPM I Electronic Seed Monitor Package consists of (a) a KPM I console, which is mounted on the tractor; (b) seed tubes with sensors, one of which is installed in each planter row unit; and (c) a planter harness (junction Y-harness and/ or extension harness where applicable), to which the individual seed tube sensors connect.

What is the size of the KPM II Monitor package?

104 6/05 OPERATION IS628CONTENTS LISTINGS IS628 32 ROW SIZE (Mechanical Seed Metering) KPM II Monitor Package, 32 Row – 700-05138 (With Magnetic Distance Sensor) Model 3800

What is the monitor/radar adapter for the KPM II used for?

NOTE: A 10" monitor/radar adapter (GA9144) is supplied with the KPM II Stack-Mode console for use between the console and radar distance sensor to adapt the monitor system to various tractor radar systems. DO NOT CONNECT THE ADAPTER TO THE CONSOLE AT THIS TIME.

How does the KPM II Stack-mode monitor system work?

The monitor system is powered by the tractor battery (requires 12 volts DC). The console receives information from each of the sensors and translates this information. The KPM II Stack-Mode console has two backlit Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD).






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