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platformx 2023 June

What is platform X?

One of 32 interconnected global Innovation Hubs around the globe, Platform X brings together global insights, people and technology to spark innovation and deliver the lasting change needed to thrive in today’s world. Digital transformation can’t be achieved with technology alone. It takes human insight and experience, too.

What is the KPMG platform X experience?

From horizon-scanning to solution-building, the Platform X way of working brings you and your teams together with the best of KPMG people, insights and solutions. We offer five key Platform X experiences. These span the thinking, conversations and tangible work that go into delivering real, sustainable change.

Why do we use platformax?

Platformax is helping us co-ordinate and keep track of our sales efforts in an efficient and organised manner. It takes a while to get into the habit but it is well worth it. We have been using Platformax for 2 years now to manage a team of 15 sales people, deliver our services and provide support to our clients.

What is the difference between platform X and Mackie HUI?

The Platform X utilizes Mackie control for Cubase, Nuendo, Samplitude, Logic Pro, Studio One, Bitwig, Reason and Ableton Live while Mackie HUI protocol powers Pro Tools. Add a Platform D or Platform D2 display (optional) to view track names and parameters.






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