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swiss trust company 2023 June

What services does a Swiss Trust Company offer?

The Swiss trust company is licensed to engage in a broad array of financial services including but not limited to those involving: The Swiss trust company can also carry out certain fiduciary, or trust services, in addition to the above financial services it can offer.

What is the legal status of Swiss trust in Switzerland?

There are no Swiss Trust legal status in Switzerland. Trust does not exist in Switzerland. Instead we have what we call “Fiducie agreement”. Overall, Swiss Trust is just a marketing gimmick it is just a part of the registered corporate name of a company.

What is vintage Swiss Trust Company?

A Vintage Swiss Trust Company (STC) has many of the functions and features of a Swiss bank, but it is not a bank. It is a non-banking, hybrid corporate institution that offers many of the advantages a bank provides its customers while avoiding the disadvantages. It also offers many of the services provided by other types of financial institutions.

Why Swiss one trust?

We are based in Switzerland and engaged with international partners to assist our clients in attaining, growing and protecting their wealth. We at Swiss One Trust operate with the singular goal to help our clients achieve financial freedom and success with utmost peace of mind.






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