Tate Rink Seating Chart

tate rink seating chart 2023 February

How many fans does Tate Rink have?

Tate Rink (capacity – 2,648) continues to attract fans in record numbers while providing the Black Knights with a comfortable home-ice advantage. Since their debut in Tate Rink, a 5-0 win over Ryerson on Oct. 25, 1985, Army has enjoyed much success.

What is the Tate Rink and Holleder Center?

In addition to providing an exciting atmosphere for watching a hockey game, the Tate Rink and Holleder Center facilities also provide comfortable accommodations for the Black Knights’ players, coaches and administration.

What are the seating options at the ice rink?

Seating within the rink is comprised of chairback seats, fixed bench bleachers, standing room areas and handicap accessible platforms. All seating is close to the ice, giving the rink a cozy feel that continues to make it one of the most popular rinks on the East Coast.






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