Wildwood Convention Center Seating Chart

wildwood convention center seating chart 2023 June

How big is the Wildwood Convention Center in NJ?

Located on the world famous Wildwoods Boardwalk directly overlooking the beach and ocean, this unique, state-of-the-art, 260,000-square-foot facility offers one of the most spacious, flexible, innovative and inviting venues available for conventions, trade shows, meetings, concerts and exhibits.

Can I pick up my tickets at Wildwoods Convention Center?

Will Call tickets can be picked up anytime the Box Office is open. Customers must present the actual credit card used to place order and a photo I.D. Tickets cannot be picked up on behalf of another customer. What are the parking options at Wildwoods Convention Center?

What is the Wildwoods Convention Center Housing Bureau?

The Wildwoods Convention Center operates a Housing Bureau with highly trained, in-house staff to work with you to effectively and efficiently reserve rooms for your attendees. We provide a range of services, audits and reports that provide for all of your housing needs.






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